Decorating My Vintage Trailer

August 1, 2012

I’ve been wanting to find a way to hang pictures and art in Riley.   But, because the interior walls are in such excellent condition, I didn’t want to make any holes in them.  And, whatever you hang in the trailer needs to be light and nearly unbreakable.  I decided a string or wire to […]


Vintage Trailer Inspiration

July 21, 2012

Ever since I got Riley, I’ve been wanting to give him a makeover.  We gave him a thorough cleaning, but I want to put our personal mark on him.  I didn’t have a clear direction of how I wanted him to look.  Just random ideas here and there.  I just knew I wanted to keep […]


DIY Customized Enamel Dishes

May 25, 2015

I love the chance to get to experiment with a new product.  Making custom things for a our little vintage trailer, Riley, is one of my favorite things. So, this week I made some custom dishes for Riley with DecoArt‘s really cool Chalky Finish Paint for Glass.  It has a completely matte finish and gives […]


Ojai Day Trip

April 22, 2015

Earlier this Spring we took a day trip to Ojai.  I’d been wanting to visit for a while and one Saturday morning we decided to put the kids in the car and go.  From our house to Ojai was just a 2 hour drive.  That’s the beauty of living in Bakersfield, everything is just 2 […]


2015 Calendar Tea Towels

December 31, 2014

Well, the new year is just about here.  Time for a new calendar to help keep our home organized and up to date. I’ve always loved vintage calendar tea towels. I have one from the year I was born, made into a curtain for Riley, our vintage trailer. This year I ordered a couple pieces […]

etc. / Food & Drink

Blackberry Basil Buttermilk Ice Cream

July 28, 2014

Well, what a week.  We are finally headed home.  We (mostly my brother Joash) worked for 6 straight days on Riley.  It really was my dad, Lonnie, Joash and I on it for a good solid week. He’s not even cute yet, but he’s super strong and safe.  As soon as it cools down in […]


Riley Repairs – it’s not pretty

July 24, 2014

It’s been a busy month. I’m sorry posts have been sporadic around here. I’m out of my usual routine, with lots of traveling and I’m still going to school and getting my required courses to keep my teaching credential. Stay tuned all my faithful readers, I’ll be back soon with lots of fun ideas on […]


Ribbon Bracelets

February 19, 2014

Well, I’ve obviously taken a nice little break from blogging.  The long weekend came and I was exhausted.  We took Riley out and then just got a whole bunch of stuff done around our house.  And then I just kept putting off posting.  I’ve got a lot of my mind right now.  I’m taking some […]

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Thrifting Thursday: Vintage Picnic Basket

August 1, 2013

I’m pretty excited about this find. I’m up in Northern Cali and on Monday, my youngest brother, my mom and I did a little thrifting and antiquing in downtown Eureka. My brother found a new shop for us, Annex 39 Antiques. It’s fabulous and the prices are really great. It’s one of those fun antique stores […]

Design / etc.

Window Shopping – Camping and Outdoors Decor

May 14, 2013

Yesterday I shared a little family video from our Spring Break camping trip to Joshua Tree.  We are gearing up for Summer and camping is on my mind. I love decorating and accessorizing Riley, and I have a vision. It’s a slow process though, firstly because I’m picky and want to do it right, and […]