About Me

I am, have been, and will be many things. I am the wife of a very good looking man, who takes me on all kinds of adventures. I am the lucky mother of three unique and precious children. My 10 and 12 year olds are imaginative and intelligent and my 2 year old is busy and very curious. And I am the daughter of two creative and industrious parents. I have my bachelors degree in Elementary Education.  And I love teaching, but love even more being home with my kids right now. So for now I am a stay at home mom and a blogger of the things I love. My blog is a place where I will share with you the things I like to do when I have some extra time. I take my camera everywhere I go and love taking pictures.  I love to host themed parties and cook dinner for my friends and family in the evenings.  I love decorating, fixing, and making things for my 1920 bungalow home.  I love flea markets, vintage and thrift finds, and see the possibilities in other peoples junk. I live in California, but my inspirations come from around the world. I am born Canadian, grew up in Papua New Guinea, lived in Yemen and have traveled to many unique places in the world.  I have an adventurous spirit, and believe that life is boring lived without taking risks.


  1. Just found you through Land of Nod and love your blog!!!

  2. Does "MK" mean missionary kid?
    Just discovered you through your salt dough ornament video on YouTube. Beautiful. Thanks!

  3. Followed a pin to your blog (I am making your geo heart for valentine's day -- can't believe you live in Bakersfield! That is where I grew up :) I know exactly where you live! (well, not exactly, but I know those streets well :) Hooray for cool people from Bakersfield! You need to be friends with my mom! She works at Williams Sonoma in the Marketplace. If you are ever there and meet Pam, tell her that her daughter Tiffany sent you! She is an avid gardener and canner -- best jam you EVER had. She might even let you come pick apricots or blackberries in her backyard if you are extra nice :) Email me if you need a canning friend tiffanyrueckert@gmail.com Too bad I live in Maryland now! I do visit about once a year though... If you have time you should email me. How long have you lived in Bakersfield? I might be able to give you some tips about places you might like to go -- you probably know them all though... mabye not!

    1. How nice of you. I was just in WS yesterday. I look for your mom next time. We moved to Bako 12 years ago. My husband teaches at BHS, so we live in the neighborhood. It's a black hole. We've moved overseas twice and ended back here. But, we love our church and our little house (we can walk to Dewar's). I've been wanting to start a canning club of some sort, I'lll let your mom know if I do. Talk to you soon.