Pompom Bunting

Pompoms make me feel nostalgic and I miss my Grandma.  Every Christmas, we got new handmade PJs and crocheted slippers with big pompoms on the front from my Grandma.  She was a very talented and industrious women.

So for something different, I decided to make a pompom bunting for Olivia's party.  My mom had recently made cute pompom decorations for a baby shower she threw, so I was inspired.   I usually make some sort of fabric or paper banner, bunting, or pendant for kid's parties.  This one was a little time consuming, but I actually enjoyed making all these pompoms.

I decided I would try a Clover Pompom maker, I have made my own pompom forms with cardboard, but I thought this might be a faster method.  And when I opened last month's Martha Stewart Living Magazine, there was a whole article on pompoms.  How did they know I was planning to make a whole bunch of pompoms?  And they suggested the Clover pompom maker, so I thought why not.  Who am I to question the experts.  It was faster,  and I think that maybe my pompoms were a little more uniform in shape and size.

No, you do not need to adjust you screen, I was having fun with black and white.  I made twenty 1 5/8" pompom with this minty green yarn.  Then, using a plastic bodkin (the plastic needle thing you use to thread elastic and such through a waist band), I strung the pompoms onto a piece of the yarn.  I spaced mine about 3-4" apart.  And it's as easy as that.


  1. @Aukse, ah thanks. That means a lot coming from such a tasteful person as yourself.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Pom Pom maker: I hate making pom poms and I have a bunch to make for one of my current projects!


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