Vintage Tea Towel Curtain

I shared a while back on Thifting Thursday, my vintage calendar tea towel find.  Well, I finally made the towel into the curtain I wanted for Riley.  I made all new curtains for Riley last fall, but I didn't make one for the door.

Because the towel was printed a little crooked, I trimmed the top and bottom of the towel to try to straighten it out.  Then I hemmed it again and turned over the top a couple times to make a pocket for the rod.

I'm quite pleased with how this towel goes with my Vintage Trailer Inspiration board.  Even the birds on the towel go with bird details on Riley's shelves.


  1. LOVE it!!! I love tea towels... and I love this!!!

  2. Clever girl :) I'd be into this if our door was as cool as yours!!

    Nook & Sea

  3. The vintage tea towel goes so well and looks much lighter than the dark green one that was there. What a fantastic little trailer!