Vintage Tea Towel Pillow

I am in love with vintage fabrics.  I have been on the hunt for vintage tea towels for quite a while, especially of places I've been.  My husband was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska so this was made especially for him.  He loves maps and globes (and collects them) so this was a comfy was to display a map.  I backed this pillow with some fabric my brother ordered for me online for my birthday.
These are my birthday fabrics.  This set of cotton fabric can be ordered from Skye Reve Fabics.
I have both a California and Hawaii towel ready to be made into pillow form very soon.  I will share pictures when they are done.  I like to put invisible zippers into the pillows I make, then they can be washed easily.  I will also share step by step instructions for putting in an invisible zipper.  Invisible zippers look sharp and are reasonable easy to put in.  

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