Friday's Fabulous 5 - Fall Florals

How about we stay clear of orange and yellow mums this year and try something fresh and modern with our Fall Florals? I've got some great inspiration for you this Friday.

Is there one in this bunch that is just calling your name?  I love the idea of pink for Fall. It's unexpected and just plain pretty.

I hope you have a great weekend. I'm hoping to be super productive and get on top of my to-do list.  Oh, and don't forget to enter the Sven Clog giveaway.  There's still a couple days left to enter. 

Fun Flavored Milk


Today I'm partnering with the California Milk Processor Board (Got Milk?) to bring you are couple unique naturally flavored milk recipes. In an effort to give my kids a treat option that is not sugary soda or juice, I played around with some fun and funky milk flavors. These are made with all natural ingredients, sweetened with a little honey and no dyes. Blackberry Lavender and Cardamom Clove are far from the usuals flavors like strawberry and chocolate. Both of these drinks are delicious served icy cold or hot, like a steamer.  And while my kids thought they were fun, they really are grown up, sophisticated flavors that adults would like.  

Blackberry Lavender Milk
4 cups of milk
about 12 large blackberries
1/4 tsp. dried lavender
4 tbsp. honey

With the back of a spoon smash the blackberries. Then place all the ingredients in a pitcher or large glass measuring cup.  Whisk together, it will take a minute for the honey to dissolve in the cold milk.  Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight. This will give time for the flavors to be infused into the milk.  When you are ready to serve, strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer.  Serve cold or heat the milk to a steamy temperature (without boiling it).   

I'm pretty obsessed with cardamom, if you can have a favorite spice, it's mine. I love this Cardamom Clove flavored milk serve hot and steamy.  It's perfect for an evening caffeine free treat.

Cardamom Clove Milk
4 cups of milk
1/2 tsp. of freshly ground cardamom
1/4 tsp. of whole cloves
4 tbsp. honey

Place all the ingredients in a pitcher or large glass measuring cup.  Whisk together, it will take a minute for the honey to dissolve in the cold milk.  Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge overnight. This will give time for the flavors to be infused into the milk.  When you are ready to serve, strain the milk through a fine mesh strainer.  Serve cold or heat the milk to a steamy temperature (without boiling it).  

Last week I shared 3 tips to help your kids have a successful school year.  Let me remind you of how great milk is and why it should be apart of your families daily diet.

Here's the facts folks:

Milk is a source of protein: There are 8 grams of protein in every 8 oz glass.
Milk has 9 essential nutrients:
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Vitamin A

And milk can help grow healthy hair, strong nails, strong bones and it prevents risks of cavities, promoting strong teeth.

This post is sponsored by The California Milk Processor Board (Got Milk?). All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 


Best Homemade Play Dough Ever!

If you've been an O+P reader for a while, you may have seen that I've made some improvements along the way. But, if you're new, here's a look at some of my older posts (back in the day, beginning blogger stuff).  My mom's recipe for The Best Play Dough Ever is going crazy on Pinterest right now.  And I'm kind of embarrassed of the pictures. While the pictures I take now are far from perfect, I'm definitely proud of what I've learned and how far I've come on this blogging journey.   

So, I thought I should re-post this recipe and show it packaged all cute like and photographed a lot better. Understand that I'm still using the same camera as I did when I started blogging, I've just learned so much more about how and where to use it.  

This year, Olivia is going to give her friends cute little packages of homemade play dough wrapped  as pumpkins and ghosts.  I simply rolled the dough into a ball, placed it in a clear bag, and tied green ribbon around the orange balls of play dough and a little piece of torn gauze around the white ones.  Then I added little triangle and oval eyes that I cut out of black electrical tape.

Play Dough
1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar

1 cup warm water
food coloring
2 tbsp. veg. oil

Combine the dry ingredients in a pot.  Combine the wet ingredients in the bowl.

Pour the wet ingredients into the pot with the dry ingredients and stir with a whisk.  Try to get out as many of the lumps as possible.  Put the pot on the stove on Med-high heat and continue stirring.

Stir with whisk until the dough begins to thicken, then change to a spoon.  The dough will become very thick. Cook and stir until the dough forms a ball and pulls away from the sides of the pan.

Remove from the pan and it is done!  Allow the dough to cool for a few minutes. (PS the pan looks like you'll never get it clean, but just let it sit in some water for a minute or so and it comes clean immediately). 

This dough is soft and pliable and it lasts a really long time.  My kids prefer it over the store bought kind.  Oh, and because it has so much salt, it tastes really bad and kids don't want to eat it (and if they do, there is nothing in it that will hurt them).  I'm going to try to make it with rice flour this week for a gluten/grain free option for friends with allergies.  

You can refer to the original post for pictures of the cooking process.

This is a great non-candy Halloween treat. And it's really inexpensive to make, each batch made 6 cute portions to be wrapped and gifted.  


Sven Clogs Giveaway!

I'm so excited about this giveaway! You guys, Sven Clogs is giving away one pair of clogs to one very lucky Oleander and Palm reader. This is an instagram giveaway, so you gotta have an IG account to enter.

Picture taken by NY Fotography, check out more pics from this shoot HERE!

My mom bought Olivia a pair for her birthday, and they are here favorite pair of shoes. And when I saw the amazing color and style choices, I knew I had to have a pair. I chose a pair of the T Strap high heels in this gorgeous spruce color. You even get to pick the color of the wooden base, I chose a natural color. I wear mine all the time. When the weather cools off, I'll be wearing them with skirts and tights.

I've got 4 ways for you to enter:
1. Follow @svenclogs on instagram.
2. Follow @oleanderandpalm on instagram.
3. Share a pick of Sven Clogs on instagram and be sure to mention the giveaway and @oleanderandpalm and @svenclogs. (You can just repost my instagram image) This entry will count for 2 entries.
4. Head over to Sven Clogs and then come back and leave a comment sharing which style and color you would pick if you won.

Let me know you entered by filling out the rafflecopter entry below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck friends!

For US residents only. One winner will win one pair of clogs (not clog boots). 


Colorful Chairs Family Pictures

I recently painted 10 chairs for a friend and talented photographer, Natalie of NY Fotography. If you remember, she took the gorgeous pics of the home office I put together. She asked me to paint these thrifted chairs for a fun shoot idea she had. It was a huge job, but these chairs look amazing together now. I was thrilled when offered to take pictures of our family with them. I have to share some of my favorite shots with you. This is the most fun we've ever had with family pictures. These shots are so playful and unique. 

So much fun, right? I think we'll have some colorful Christmas cards this year. 


Cricut Window Cling for Halloween

You guys know I'm a huge Cricut fan.  I've been cricut cutting for years. But, this is a pretty fun new product that Cricut has just come out with - Window Cling.

You can create easy-on, easy-off static cling decals with this product. Use your Cricut machine to cut shapes or phrases for holiday decorations, parties, school decor, business window dressings, kid's activities and more. It's durable and reusable. I love to decorate my front porch window for the holidays. So, I quickly cut out a bunch of white bats (like my wall of bats) and a big, blocky BOO in black. With the design space, you can use all of your own fonts, so I used one of my faves - Blackout.

You cut this Window Cling product just like you would vinyl, with a "Kiss Cut". On the Cricut Explore, it's just a turn of the dial and then hit GO.

I placed the BOO in the center of the window to start with. No stress, with this material, it can be repositioned and moved to exactly the right place. Then I traced a rough circle around the BOO with a chalk marker. I used this as my guide to place the bats circling the BOO. And when Halloween is over, I can place these back on the backing sheet and save them for next year.

If you are a cricut user, I totally recommend this product. I hope you all are having a great weekend. Ours is crazy busy, but very productive so far.  


Friday's Fabulous 5 - Happy Halloween Ideas

I'll send you off into the weekend with some cute and happy Halloween ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.  I don't like to take my Halloween decor too scary, so these festive diy's are right up my alley.  I hope you have a great weekend. We've got lots of things to do and places to be (which isn't always my favorite), but I'm looking forward to a few extra moments with my family.