Craft Workshop at West Elm

I'm excited to be hosting a fun craft workshop February 8th at the Los Angeles West Elm.  Join me for a morning of crafting.  We will be making cute Valentine's Day Felt Pendants in O+P's unique retro meets modern style. All the supplies will be provided, along with fancy drinks and yummy treats.  Each guest will take home their own pendant and a goody bag filled with unique finds. 

Tickets are limited, so please sign up right away.  If you are in the LA area, I hope you can make it. Click here to get your ticket.


Friday's Fabulous 5 - XOXO Fun

I hope you've had a great weekend.  I've gathered a few fun XOXO ideas for Valentine's Day.  It's a nice less-girly way to decorate without hearts on everything.  And I'd be happy to leave these up in my home long after February 14th has passed.  

I'm still in SLC at Alt Summit, but I'm so ready to get back to my family and give them a whole bunch of X's and O's (hugs and kisses). It's been great week connecting with other creative folks. I'm feeling more equipped and ready to take on new adventures with Oleander and Palm.  I'm excited for this year and where it's going to take me.  So, XOXO to you, my faithful readers.  Thanks for being here. 


Square Business Cards and Temporary Tattoos

I'm really excited about the business cards I'm handing at Altitude Summit this year.  They are clean and tidy, and hopefully memorable.  

I attached my Geometric Heart Tattoo to a gorgeous Minted gold foil square cards with a simple gold paper clip.  I customized and gave both the Makr tattoos and business cards my personal touch in a matter of minutes and then I just placed my order.  So easy, right?


XOXO Wall Heart

I love a big heart on my wall (like this one and this one), so I had to come up with a new one for Vday 2015. This XOXO Heart is pretty fun. Playing with the modern shape of the very popular Swiss Cross, this heart is fun and graphic. And I love the combination of gold, white and grey.

I used my Cricut Explore machine to cut out these X and Os in no time at all.  Then using a little blue painters tape to keep the shapes in rows and evenly spaced, I stuck them to the wall. It's a big statement, but so easy to remove when you want a change.  Vinyl is really a fun material to work with.

Well, I'm finally packed and off for SLC to attend Alt Summit. I'm excited to learn more and connect with other creative folks.


Friday's Fabulous 5 - Perfect DIYs for the Weekend

A few of my favorite bloggers have some really great DIYs that you could tackle this weekend.
Be sure to head of to their bloggers and leave them a little comment love. 

Like most weekends, I'm hoping to have a SUPER productive weekend.  I have so many things on my to-do list, I'm hoping to shorten it a bit.  Tuesday I head to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit. Sometime this weekend I need to pick out my most stylish outfits and pack a suitcase.  I'm excited to connect with other creative folks.  Have a great weekend friends.


Cross Stitch Heart Napkins

Ok, I'm ready to host a Valentine's Day dinner party. The table is set and I have some really cute napkins for my guests.

I am loving blush and paired with black and white, it's looking pretty sharp.  Last year I used this simple cross stitch heart a couple times (on my wall, in a frame and on a piece of wood).  So, this year I thought I'd play with this cross stitch pattern a little more.

Black and white plaid or gingham is perfect for cross stitch, with squares already marked out, all you need is a needle and some embroidery thread.

Here's what you'll need:
embroidery floss in 3 shades of pink or blush
a needle
a small embroidery hoop
plaid or gingham hemmed into square napkins (mine are 18" square)

I started by cutting 20" squares of cotton gingham plaid fabric and then simply turned under the sides twice and hemmed them to make 18" napkins.  

Attach the embroidery hoop to the corner of napkin.  Count out your squares so that the heart will be equal distance from the side and bottom of the napkin.  I stitched two rows of each shade of pink to create an ombre.  

I love these napkins with my vintage frosted pastel pink plates.  I have a set of 8 that I got for $15, there are two of each color - pink, blue, lavender, and mint.  And the little depression class candy dish that is serves as the vase for the succulent was Lonnie's Grandma's. 


AIM - my goal for 2015

Last year I followed my dad's lead and decided on a word for the year. Simplify was my word for 2014.  I'm not sure if I truly embraced the word in my everyday life, but I definitely thought about it more and tried to take baby steps to keeping life in perspective.

This year I am feeling energized and ready to take some big leaps.  I always have dreams and ideas, but this year I want to set some concrete goals and really AIM for those specific things. As a creative person, I tend to jump from one good idea to another.  I want this year to be more planned out so I can take specific steps to reach my goals. That doesn't mean I'm going to lose spontaneity. There will be some risk taking if I want to reach my end goals. No more excuses, if my personal and professional dreams are going to become a reality, it's going to have to be me who does it.  I've always said I'm one of those folks who will "Die Trying!", I just want my efforts to be more methodical and organized. Maybe I won't see the results I want at the end of the year, but I don't want to live with regrets.  Our life here on earth is so short.  I want to use every possible minute wisely.

I know that I am so blessed and live a life full of love, provision and opportunity because of Jesus Christ. I want my life to reflect my gratitude and love for my Savior. I can do nothing without Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your hear, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. 

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Have you set some goals for 2015?  I'd love to hear where you hope 2015 will take you.