DIY Painted Pineapple Tote Bag

I'm not done with pineapples yet.  I loved them last Summer, I still love them this Summer and I hope they stick around for next year.

I've taken my simple DIY Painted Pineapple Print and turned it into a little tote bag.  My Cricut Explore machine made it super easy to cut a freezer paper stencil of a pineapple out.

I participating in the Cricut Design Space Star challenge. This month's them is Fashion and Gear. So, if for some super lucky chance I make it to the top 10, you guys gotta help me out by voting for my bag.

So, here's how I did it.  First I logged into my Cricut Design Space account and started a new project with a simple 12x12 mat.  I inserted my favorite pineapple image, it's from the cartridge called Serenade.  The great thing about Design Space is that you don't have to buy the whole cartridge anymore, you can just buy one image.  Ok, so once I have the image big enough on the mat I simply hit cut.  You will be see a preview of the cutting mat and the pineapple will be in the top left hand corner of the mat.  Click and drag the image over to the center of the mat.

Place a 12x12" piece of freezer paper on the cutting mat, shiny side down.  Load the mat, turn the dial to custom and then on the custom pull down menu select vellum (that's the closest material to freezer paper and it works perfectly).  And then hit GO!  In a matter of seconds, you'll have a beautifully cut stencil.

With your iron set to no steam, iron on the stencil, shiny side down in the center of your bag.  I bought this simple canvas bag at Hobby Lobby for just $2.99.  

Now the fun begins, select a few bright colored craft paints, I used for for my bag.  I use Martha Stewarts paints, if they are heat set with an iron, you can wash them.  

Applying one color at a time, make small brush strokes in one direction over the entire pineapple shape.

Try to evenly space each color, overlapping them some.

Allow the paint to dry completely and then gently remove the stencil.

So great, right?  A nice clean line.  The freezer paper really makes a great seal for your stencil.  Put a small sheet of parchment paper over the painted pineapple shape and iron to set the color (about 1 min.)  Now your bag is ready to head to the beach or pool and if it gets dirty, no worries, just throw it in the wash!

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Table Runner Made with Nate Berkus Fabric

As soon as I heard that Nate Berkus had a new fabric line at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I was in my car heading to the store.  You guys, Nate knows what he's doing.  I know this would be fabric I couldn't resist.  Yep, Nate gets me, grey triangles, yes please!!!!

I bought 1 yard and made a long table runner for my new dining room table in about 30 mins.  I cut the yard in half and joined the fabric in the center of the runner (if I made it without the join, I would have had to have bought over 2 yards).  It's a busy enough pattern that I don't think you even notice the seam in the middle.  Because this fabric has a very linear pattern, I followed the lines and cut an extra 2 inches on all sides, this left my room for a nice wide hem.  I turned the fabric under twice to give a clean finish.  This is just what my table needed.  I love the bold, geometric pattern.  Thank you Nate!

Here's a look at some of the other great patterns and colors in Nate's line.

Maybe I need more yellow in my life!

And I'd be more then happy to have all three of these black and white combos in my home.  

P.S. This is not an ad or a sponsored post.  I just really love Nate and everything he designs.


White and Wood Chair

I spent the weekend getting ready for the first day of school (which was today) and refinishing a couple pieces of furniture. This little chair was a fun, quick fix. I bought this chair for $4.99 at my local Goodwill. The yellowy light birchy wood look is so very 90s to me.  Light wood paired with the silver colored metal seems dated as well.  

I bought this chair for the bent plywood and the airy shape of the metal frame.  At first I thought I might just paint the whole thing a bright color.  But, then I decided that with a little stain, the grain in the seat and back might look really sharp.  So, I sanded the seat and back down to the bare wood and then used a dark walnut colored stain.  I sealed the wood with a almost matte finished water based varnish.  The frame got a good sanding and a fresh coat of flat white spray paint. 

I replaced all the screws, most of them had been pulled out. When I replaced the stripped screws, I used a couple broken off toothpicks in the holes to hold the screws in place. It's a great trick when screws get pulled out of hingers or cabinet doors. 

See what I mean about the shape? It's modern and clean. And now with the white and darker wood, I love the higher contrast.



Land of Nod Store Window and Event

Last week was slightly busy.  I had the privilege of getting to do two really fun things.  The first was I got to install a whole window display in the South Coast Plaza Land of Nod store!!!  Danielle, the Land of Nod's fearless creative director, allowed me this huge opportunity.  I kept it simple and clean to let the colors and shapes play.  It's really better in person, the twigs are constantly moving and rotating slowly. You guys, this was so much fun.  Creative freedom and a place to share it, can I do this everyday? Please....

Ummm, yep, that's my little blog name in a Land of Nod store window.  Pretty crazy exciting.  

I pulled a couple Nod products from the store to finish off the space, a little Nod teepee (of course)  with a couple fabulous pillows and a neon pink squirrel.

Denali straightening a couple things for me.
The second fun project was that I hosted a Craft Event at the South Coast Plaza Nod store. Kiddos and their parents came and made their own versions of yarn art pieces.  It was a lot of fun.  It was nice to take the crafts out of the blog and into real life.  There was kids and yarn everywhere, fun chaos.

Olivia hard at work.
Dylan helping me out.

The window display will be up till September 8th, so if you are in the area, please check it out.  


60s Themed Birthday Party

A couple weeks ago we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday with a 60s themed party.  My mom is the queen of entertaining and making fabulous meals for crowds.  She has a generous heart and serves her community and family all the time.  She deserved to be spoiled and honored.  We had the party on the front porch and lawn of my parent's gorgeous Northern California home.  

In the 60s tradition, I served fondue for the meal.  We had traditional Swiss and white wine fondue and a spicy bacon chipolte fondue with lots of yum veggies, breads and meat to dip.  And for dessert, there was more fondue, Chocolate and also a peanut butter fondue with homemade vanilla bean and blackberry marshmallows, brownies, cake, and and lots of fruit.

We also dressed in period clothing and did a murder mystery throughout the evening.  The characters and costumes were very entertaining.  

60 looks pretty darn good!

For the table decor, I placed air plants in hot pink sand on some simple squares of fabric that I tie dyed in green. 

Do you think these two enjoyed the chocolate fondue?

All the gorgeous paper products came for Party Pail.  This is my new favorite go-to party supply store for all the basics.  I chose Hot Magenta Pink and Emerald Green for the party palette. 

Lots of fun sodas from World Market.  I bought everything they had in green and pink.  I think I had about 15 different flavors for the guests to choose from.

Yes, this girl enjoyed herself.

Some of the crazy cast from the murder mystery.

Using green chevron treat cups from Party Pail, I made a quick and easy set of party string lights.

You will need as many treat cups as there is lights on your string.  Mine had 24.  Turn the cups over and cut an X in the middle of the cup with an x-acto knife. Then bend the pieces into the bowl.  Remove the bulb from the string and fit the base into the cup, then put the bulb back in.  So simple, but a whole bunch of festive fun.

All paper party products were provided by Paper Pail