DIY Chart and Poster Frame

I'm changing things up bit in the living room.  The triangle wall is gone.  I needed a change, and for the first 5 minutes I felt a little regret for taking it down and then I decided all that night white space was just what I needed.  I also decided to hang one large piece instead of the three photos that were there before.

The biology nerd hubby is really pleased with the nature art that is now on our wall.  This vintage school chart I scored is in pristine condition.  I just needed a way to hang it.  So, I decided I'd make a frame for this just like the DIY Tropical Foliage Alphabet chart.   It was so easy to make, I thought I'd share the how-to with you.  It's a great way to hang large scale pieces without putting them behind glass and not just sticking them with thumb tacks (like you did in your college dorm room).  This chart had a weighted bottom, so I decided that I just needed a frame along the top.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Scotch Mounting Tape
  • 2" lattice (about 99c per foot at the hardware store)
  • Brass washers, bolts and #10 machine screws
  • Stain (optional)
  • Drill
  • Screw driver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • String or twine
  • 2 small screws

Start by cutting 2 lengths of the lattice.  Cut them about 2" wider on either side of the art piece.  If you would like the wood to be a darker color, like this one, apply a coat of stain and allow the wood to dry.  

Then mark 1" in from the ends of each board and drill the two boards together at once to ensure the holes will line up.

Mark where the chart will sit on the bottom board, making sure the chart is centered on the board.

Apply the mounting tape the length of the board, just inside the lines where you marked where the chart would be.

Adhere the chart to the mounting tape.

From the back of the piece, screw in the screw through both boards.

Add the washer and bolt and tighten down.  For this piece I actually used a 1" washer.  I couldn't find it in brass, so I simply spray painted it gold.  I wanted the brass hardware to stand out, so I decided bigger was better in this case.

Add a couple small screws to the back of the boards to attach the hanging string to. And that's it!


Minted Fabric Pillows

So, you know Minted has amazing stationary and prints, but did you know they now sell fabric by the yard?  Yes, and it's in all kinds of trendy, gorgeous prints.  A while back I shared my love of blush and pink and how I wanted to bring more of this feminine color into our home.  I'm starting by adding some gorgeous new pillows to our living room.

I love sewing pillow covers, it allows me to change my pillows often and also gives me unique pillows that not everywhere has in their home.  I like to put invisible zippers in.  They are the easiest kind to sew and then I can wash my cases from time to time.

Here's the fabrics I used: Triangles,  Painted Dots, and Abstract Art

The gorgeous basket is FermLiving from All Modern.


Chocolate Chipotle Donuts

About once a year I get this urge to make homemade donuts. My family loves it, but to be honest, I hate frying in my house.  The smell lingers for days, and who wants to feel like they are living in a donut shop?  Ok, well some of you might. So, this weekend the weather was perfect, so I opened every window and door and fried up a couple batches of these sweet and spicy Chocolate Chipotle Donuts. This is a recipe from way back in the early days of O + P.  Since it's been about 4 years since I first posted the recipe, I thought it was time to share it again with new bright, clean pictures.

Chocolate Chipotle Donuts

3 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup buttermilk
1 tsp. vanilla

3 1/2  cups flour
1/2 cup cocoa
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ground chipotle pepper
1/2 tsp. salt
4 tsp. baking powder

2/3 cup sugar
4 tsp. cinnamon
2 tsp. ground chipotle pepper

Vegetable oil for frying

Combine the first 6 ingredients in one bowl and the next 6 ingredients in another bowl.  Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and mix to combine.  The dough will form into a ball. 

On a well floured surface, roll out the dough to 5/8" (just a little thicker then a 1/4").  Cut out donuts and holes. 

Combine the sugar, cinnamon and chipotle in a bowl so that it is ready when the donuts are cooked.

Heat oil to 375F.  I have found that using a thermometer is the only way to go.  If I just guess on the oil temperature I end up burning the outsides and having raw dough on the insides.  Before frying the donuts, dust off any excess flour from the donuts.  Drop the donuts into the oil very carefully and allow to cook on one side for a couple mins. before flipping them over to the other side.  Donuts will turn a nice golden brown color when they are done.  Do not over crowd the pan, cook 3-4 at a time.  Drain cooked donuts on paper towel to remove any excess oil.  Roll donuts in the sugar and spice mixture while they are still warm.  Be sure to coat all sides well.  

Store cooled donuts in an airtight container.


DIY Triangle Patterned Door

Well, everyday I feel more and more like an official blogger. The studio is really changing the game for me.  I'm LOVING it.  Not only is it a great place to work and shoot my pics, but my home feels soooo much bigger. Getting all of my craft "crap" out of all of our closets and corners of our house was so freeing.  I love being able to shut the door of the studio and not have to look at my half-finished projects all evening long.  I still edit pics and write posts at home, but the messy part of the blog is houses at the studio.

Olivia still thinks it's fun to go to the studio and today she spend a couple hours cutting and gluing works of art. A friend of ours asked her last night what she was thinking when she was making these pieces, and she replied without a pause, "I wasn't thinking I was just making."  A girl after my own heart.  Makers Gotta Make!

This weekend Lon helped me give the studio a fresh coat of white paint.  I also decided the door from the office room to the larger work room need some Oleander + Palm personalizing.  All the cool kids and "real" bloggers have fun and creative doors.  I wanted something that was really O+P. So, I chose to paint the door a pretty grey and add triangles to it.  I used gold vinyl and the faux marble contact paper that I also used on the DIY Marble Shamrock Print I created.

I used my trusty Cricut Explore machine to cut out these faux marble and gold triangles in no time at all. Vinyl is magic. It's so much easier then painting and I decided my landlord might appreciate the triangles being just vinyl and 100% removable. I placed them on the door in two rows.  I chose to arrange these in a random order, kind of like the wooden tray I recently made.  The studio has all white walls, so I think this makes the space a lot more interesting and hopefully it's very O+Pish.  

The Cricut Explore has gotten even better with the new Cricut Explore Air. This new machine features built-in Bluetooth® for wireless cutting, a dual carriage to cut and write in just one step, and free cloud-based design software for computer and iPad. To celebrate the launch of this new machine Cricut has some amazing giveaways called #CricutEverywhere.  #CricutEverywhere is happening now through June 19, 2015 check out the details on Cricut's Facebook Page and on their website

You are going to want to check out this giveaway.  The prizes include: $500 in Cricut supplies, A 1-Year Subscription to Cricut Design Space or Craft Room, Cricut Explore Air Machine, Apple iPad Mini 2, and a $10,000 dream vacation anywhere!  


DIY Ombre Shoes and Laces

Today I'm having fun DIYing my favorite item of clothes to buy - shoes!!! They always look good on, no matter how I'm feeling about the rest of my body.  I'm a for a colorful, unique shoe to express your personality.  So, I gave a simple pair of white sneakers this easy ombre effect with my favorite spray paint from Design Master, and a few simple supplies.

Here's what you'll need:

a pair of all white sneakers
Design Master Tint IT (in Plum) and Design Master Color Tool Spray Paints (in Lavender and Moss Green)
a couple wooden beads
blue painters tape

Start my removing the shoe laces and tape off the rubber sole around the bottom of the shoe, just leaving the fabric showing.  

Starting at the toe of the shoe, begin to spray light, even coats of the Tint IT on the shoe.  Add more layers of paint to the tip of the toe to give the ombre effect.  Allow the shoe to dry completely.  You will be surprised at how fast this product dries.

Paint the ends of the laces with Tint IT or I used Lavender Colortool Spray Paint to add another shade of purple.  Also paint the wooden beads.  To get this nice dark green color, I painted this bead with 3 coats of paint.  Each layer dries in no time at all, so there isn't much waiting time.

When the laces and beads are dry, lace them onto the shoe and you are done.  I know my daughter is going to want a pair as well.  

I love the versatility of Design Master paints, they adhere to practically any surface, even sneakers.  The Tint IT product is actually a sheer fast drying dye.  It goes on in extra light coats and looks amazing on glass and even mercury glass.  If you have ever tried dip dying fabric before, you'll know how much easier and less messy this is.  

 Be sure to check out the some of the other fun DIYs I've created using Design Master Spray Paint - 3 Tiered Hanging PlanterDIY Modern Decorative PlatesDIY Faux Copper VaseDIY Ombre Give Thanks BannerMetallic Dipped Taper CandlesDala Horse Salt Dough Ornaments and the Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging

I buy my Design Master paints and my local Michaels. Design Master paints can paint the most delicate of surfaces, such as silk and fresh flowers, fabric, ribbon, tulle, lace, paper, foam board and Stryrofoam TO the sturdy hard surfaces such as wood, metal, masonry, terra cotta, ceramics and plaster. Design Master is a great resource for products and ideas.  Be sure to check out all the craft and project ideas on their blog.  

This post is sponsored by Design Master. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 


DIY Tropical Foliage

Every Friday I think I say the same thing.  Yippee for Friday, TGIF and 3 Cheers!  But, the truth is, I can't believe I made it to the weekend.  I feel like our lives are soooo busy.  Yesterday I caught myself sitting for over 5 minutes and I immediately felt guilty.  There is just always something that needs to be done.  And even though I will use the weekend to catch up on my long to-do list, I do feel less guilty taking some time to do NOTHING!  So, yep, YAY for the weekend and a chance to catch our breath. 

And now for some Tropical Foliage inspiration.  If you follow Justina Blakeney, you know she is the master of all things tropical and botanical.  I love her instagram feed.  Be sure to check out these fun DIYs to add a little trendy jungle feel to your home.

Be sure to check out this gorgeous Paper Flower Wall , and if you don't want to DIY, both this and this botanical print will be sure to add a tropical vibe to any space.

Oh, and for a less tropical and oh so cut desert look, you have to check out these paper cacti.  They are to die for.


Abstract Art Typography

I'm so excited for my newest gig. You guys, I'll be sharing some of my DIYness over on Curbly.  I think my cool factor just went way up!!!! I've been a long time fan of Curbly.  It's packed with all the stuff I love - DIYs, Room Makeovers, Inspiration, and Before/Afters.  It's a DIY design community for people who love where they live. Hey, that's me!!! I LOVE where I live.

I can't wait for you to see my first post over there.  I made a fun Abstract Art Typography piece using a large marque letter.  This DIY combines two trends - marque letters and colorful abstract art. It was a lot of fun to make.  So, head over and check out the full post.